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Every man and women is a Star

Once upon a time a great mystic said that ”every man and woman is a star”. That’s really true in more than one way since everything consists of stardust, and since the stars in the sky has always been the longing for the origin, the source of the soul, that man feels inside.

Being a starborn means shining and radiating the true power of what one is meant to be, and when becoming aware about the fact that there’s a tremendous amount of energy hidden deep inside us – only waiting to be discovered and ignited – a large restlessness arises.

We are all searching for a meaning with our lives. The reason why we are here - and what we are supposed to do. Some people feel the longing for something else - or somewhere else, stronger than others. For those the question about the true origin and meaning becomes a quest. Many become religious believers and find peace within, feeling that religion is the answer to the inner cry. Others feel there’s something more to it, something else – or should I say; something more - that’s hidden behind it all.

What’s happening is that the soul is longing to grow in the body. It wants the whole being to be on the train, and pushes from inside, making the heart ache for something not yet being named. The true power of what one is meant to be is burning inside, and when not being able to settle with manmade religions, and scientific explanations, one continues to search.

The very best thing for the restless psyches, aching hearts and striving souls, is to be close to Mother Earth. To be in nature, close to what the physical life is born from. Nature is our mother, our nurturer and She holds us in Her arms if we come to her. Every answer to every question, is to be found in nature itself, just look at the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden ratio returning everywhere in life’s structure, from the smallest to the largest. Think about how animals are born from - and therefore can be seen as, extensions to - nature, and how they in their mere existence therefore teach us so much about ourselves, if we do pay attention.

Identifying as a Starborn may mean living with the strongest feeling of having another origin than the earth. It can also imply the feeling of not belonging to the societal context, as in being forced to be part of norms that feel strange. When beginning to remember, or sense an origin from another place in the universe, or knowing deep inside one is meant to do something else than fitting into the norm, that often means one are beginning to respond to a different kind of signal. The planetary impact then becomes extended to include constellations beyond familiar galaxies that reach our energy bodies, our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

One may say that Starborns are antennas receiving cosmic messages, in order to give them further, to share them. But on the other way around, they also receive messages from the surroundings, as in taking in every emotion in a range of at least a hundred meters. That’s exhausting and causes suffering. Being hypersensitive with the senses set on the highest level of receptivity, also means taking in pain from not only other human beings, but also from animals and from Mother Earth herself. Seeing or knowing about brutalities and disrespectful behavior towards the defenseless and innocent, cause great depressions to Starborns.

A Starborn person’s light can easily be used to become a world-class star, especially in music or acting, but because finding it hard to say no, and stop responding to expectations, it doesn’t seldom end in disaster. Since Starborns are not aware of, or are not answering to, their strong need to withdraw in cyclic terms, they easily become addicts in different forms or medicate themselves to death. Many are those dear fragile souls, whose light has extinguished and the world-class gold has turned into dust, just because they haven’t allowed themselves to take time alone. If you are one of them, please listen to your heart’s voice that tells you to s s, to sit down and await your soul. Know that you are loved and not forgotten even though you get off the map for a while.

When it comes to soul origin and the Starborn concept, it in principal includes personal belief about having former lives. I am aware of that not everyone sees it that way, which is no problem since the concept in itself is about finding the true soul-purpose; but since I remember many of my earlier incarnations, I base the following on the principle of re-incarnation.

Many Starborns have been here from the beginning of the planet, and others for less time. Every soul is made of stars, as are everything else in our universe. Every living soul in the universe, have the same origin, but not everyone has a past elsewhere than our beautiful Earth. The ones who do, but don’t remember their earlier lives, should know that’s for a reason. This is due to the fact that the earthly incarnations are a commitment, a loving agreement that deals with growing and creation under limited conditions, and to improve the qualities of the soul in this development.

Common to awake Starborns is the strong love of Mother Earth as a living Being, and the knowledge of the fact that, the more the soul in its body is refined through experiences, the more it strives towards the truth in The Higher Self, and the more persistent the pursuit becomes, the more the memory opens up towards other dimensions.

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