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Grieving over Atlantis

This painting was about the mourning over Atlantis when I created it. About that kind of sorrow the memories of an old loved and lost world creates on a cellular level. When a reality that we are used to fall into pieces we grieve over it, but the truth is that the old world is still here. Our memories of both pain and joy are the very tracks that lead us back to remember why we need changes in order to grow. The world today is in the same state as was the old Atlantis before being obliterated. Corruption and depravation has made the agenda for far too long. It is time to set things right again. Get our world back on the right track. We who are inside ourselves still grieving on a cellular level over lost Atlantis can use this turning point in the world of today for healing our wound, and also for rejoicing over the wonderful news that this time our world will not have to explode into molecules. We have the ability to raise our vibration and be one with Mother Earth who increases Her frequency every day. Minute by minute. What wasn't possible in the Atlantean world is possible today. Welcome to the amazingly wonderful future.

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