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Lost soul parts (presenting themselves in dreams)

When going through severe trauma it’s more rule than exception to lose a part of the soul. What happens is that the situation is too much to bare, and you repress the experience simply because you can’t cope with it. Even though you may be seemingly aware of what have happened and even kind of calm about it, there is a part of you screaming or choking – and the door towards that part becomes closed. And even though you are feeling what’s happened through the best way you can, the trauma may be of such dignity that it is emotionally impossible to embrace it.

The repressed experience alienates itself from the soul since it is stuck in the trauma, seeking itself back there, repeating the scenario. Because there is a part of the soul that hasn’t yet understood what has happened. The soul is here to experience, but not in scattered pieces. The cut off part of the soul is repeating the scenario over and over, and it need to be rescued.

The place where the cut off soul part was before, has become a hole, and that hole in its turn becomes filled with the echo of the painful repressed memory. And this memory will keep on drawing situations with the same accent towards the soul – in order to fully understand the repressed trauma.

We as human beings keep on playing car accident – as to say, because we are looking for the original wound. But even though - we can’t understand why the heck we have to go through the same dramas over and over again in life. As in meeting the same kind of people giving us the same kind of bad treatment. Or always ending up in the same kind of situations because we just can’t help being drawn to the same kind of behaviour. Even as in buying the same kind of houses or cars, showing themselves to be the roots of economic havoc or dangerous hazards. We are drawn to those situations because of those holes in our souls, where the hurt and cut off soul part used to be.

Being under the impact of the echo of a cut off soul part, means more than having a personal pattern, because the hole in the soul has no bottom. It keeps on drawing the same kind of energy towards it, as the original trauma was built upon. It is a black hole making painful things gravitate towards it. Of course we can put an end to it, by becoming aware of what we are doing, and correct ourselves. And that will do, but no less – the optimal thing would be to find the lost soul part. Since that’s quite a difficult task it’s best done with the help of someone with great knowledge about walking between the worlds. Someone as a shaman.

When I say walking between the worlds, I mean visiting other dimensions. And it’s in the fourth’ dimension the soul’s lost parts are to be found. Obviously that’s not an easy place to visit, since it’s beyond what is possible to sense here in the third dimension. But our soul knows that dimension, as it knows its own pocket, and travels through it most nights when we - as in our intellectual selves - are asleep. When tuning in more and more to the subconscious mind - the more the non-physical world becomes accessible.

When starting to work consciously and determined with your dreams - you will not only remember your dreams better, you will also be able to dream in a more conscious way, since the intellect more and more will let go of its fear-oriented control – and finally accept the realm of dreams, instead of bringing on the awake state in pure panic – and this means the intellect will be able to follow the soul outside the physical body’s reach, trusting the soul to take the wheel, and reveal the secrets that would otherwise be refused as not real.

So how can you identify a lost soul part in a dream? What shall you look for?

Well it’s quite a detective’s work. But things being spun up in cocoons, buried deep down in soil, locked up behind bars, and so on are possible clues. And it’s of help knowing about your trauma of course.

Sometimes, actually not that seldom, the trauma derives from an earlier incarnation, and then it may be harder to know what the original wound may be.

Perhaps you have always been disproportionately afraid of the dark, or since childhood refused to set your foot on a ship going out at sea, or perhaps you have always been panicking in small spaces, without knowing why. Yes, many of those things can be explained by rational reasons, but not all, and not only. And one reason does not rule out the other. If it’s about psycho-social patterns or an issue your great grandmother had too, it may as well be about a family karma. A group of souls born into the same constellation in order to solve something bigger. It’s more complex than it looks, but we can be sure of that the soul knows. Also if having blind spots, repeated behaviour in a way that doesn’t benefit your life – or a constant sadness you can’t even remember the absence of – it’s a great possibility you have a lost soul part.

I, myself had dreams about a forgotten baby for many years, an infant I hadn’t been feeding, who had been laying in a cocoon in my barren greenhouse, along with withered plants and last year’s yellowed grass. The scenarios have been different but the theme has always been this forgotten baby. And it has for sure been heart breaking every time.

When I visited a psychic in the middle of the nineties, who came to Sweden once a year, he told me I had the star of David close to my heart. I couldn’t possible understand what he meant, I just shook my head. I wasn’t the slightest interested in the Hebrew history. Actually I avoided the subject – especially when it came to what had happened in ww2. But he insisted. Even the next year when he came back he went on with it. And I just shook my head again. Wasn’t even remotely interested. It wasn’t until I to my big surprise started dreaming in Hebrew language I had to admit there was something there.. and when I had done that, the step towards starting dreaming about the holocaust was taken.

The things I started to remember through dreams and spontaneously after that, are of no use to mention since most people know there have been nameless horrors there – but I know that it was during that time my baby was taken from me – and I lost a part of my soul. Like so many others did. So as it turned out this baby in my dreams represented the beautiful child, the motherhood, family and the life that was taken from me. The cut off life. The cut off part of my soul. And the reason it’s been presented being in a cocoon in my dreams, is that even if I continued into new incarnations, that part of me had stopped growing and thriving.

The hole in my soul kept echoing the chock and the horror though, of course - and I really have been one of those mothers in this life, who see dangers everywhere, whose imagination have no limit when it comes to all the things that can happen - especially to my children. It has been a long way, and it wasn’t until I went deeper into that hole in my soul and understood it was actually growing, and I was there helping it grow, through my vain attempts to control my pretty grownup kids whereabouts – I understood I had to DO something! NOW!

Not because my fear would cause something to happen to them, because one person’s fear can’t affect other people directly – it can only affect themselves. And my fear of losing people I love, made me loose myself piece after piece. It works like shutting doors to your creativity, happiness, ability to sleep and so on – and waking up in the middle of the night in deep anxiety – without reason! Those things make you physically ill on permanent basis. This is how the impact of lost soul parts work. Especially if they have their roots in earlier lives. And if I would leave this world without having healed this wound of mine, I would gravitate towards a life where I had to work this theme through. Again. Because of the echo of the wound.

So how to do then?

Look at your oldest behaviour patterns, unexplained phobias from childhood. Go deep into them, preferably with the help of someone knowledgeable in the subject, who can support you. Accept every feeling coming up and allow it all to flow until it goes away naturally. Go deeper and invite the lost soul part you think you have identified in your dream. You will know if it’s something there to dig deeper into by your emotional response. With support by an experienced dream worker or shaman, you can get help seeing into the fourth dimension, and walking back in time together. This makes it so much safer and easier, but having a trusted friend being there in full agreement of what is going on, and with the intent of not leaving your side during the process, no what so ever, will work too.

Going into the realm of the fourth dimension means leaving safe ground. You have to be anchored by someone watching over you, someone who can lead you back to your body if you tend to wander off. Actually it isn’t until you master the ability to travel outside your body, you can reach the realm of the fourth dimension in a safe way by yourself – and even then the chock of meeting your original wound may be of such dignity that you will get stuck in it. That’s the reason you must have support during a soul part rescue, and you have to communicate through the whole session. Your supporting ally can’t let you wander off, and here’s the difference between a cunning one and someone with no experience – because the experienced dreamworker or shaman can follow you out there on the journey.

Often though - it is hard to reach into another dimension, depending on who you are, and what your soul is up to during nights. This means you will experience things more on a mental and emotional level. But if your physical body gets connected to the will of your soul, when you are both mentally and emotionally involved in your wound, you are more destined towards finding the missing soul part. And you will probably find yourself in a situation which isn’t at all logically oriented. So don’t take easy on this subject.

So, when inviting your lost soul part, after having been in total connection with- and acceptation for your feelings, you have to identify with the most painful part. When having opened up towards your emotions fully, you are open towards your lost soul part too, but it will not come to you – you will have to come to it. Find it. And you do that by following its way from its original place in the soul – and if you have a dream which is leading you towards your trauma, you can re-live the scenario through that dream. Do it without side stepping, follow the pain and the fear by identifying with it - because you have to follow the same way that the part of your soul took, when it cut itself loose.

Then, when you identify with the trauma and the cut off part of the soul – you are somewhere else than you usually are, you are outside time frames – and when being there, your need for support is big. There your ally on the journey is very important. Because you will be in the same pain and chock as when the trauma happened. You will identify with the part of your soul who couldn’t handle the situation. Which means YOU will feel the same need to cut yourself off. To curl up in a pocket fold outside time and gravity. And then your ally will have to convince you to come back – in the same way as you went there to convince the lost soul part to come back to you. You will need to be assured of that it’s safe and that what happened isn’t there anymore – that everything is okay, and you need to be comforted in the best of ways, the way you needed when it all happened initially.

Then your lost soul part will follow you back, and you will be more whole. Sometimes you will have to do it many times, but it will be worth it. Because to live fully - you need to be able to set intentions that isn’t coloured by not-dealt-with-pain. Because your soul is here to grow and thrive. Suffering and pain is the fertilizer but if not transformed it will instead be the reason for stasis. The opposite to the movement of life. And this is not what you want. You want to let yourself burst into full flowering and live your life fully.

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