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Red Sun Corona

This painting came to me as one of many on the whirling theme. When creating it I felt that the motive withheld a lot of pain. When I paint I listen inwards and what comes out on the canvas isn't always something I can relate to as being a part of what I have experienced in my present life. This one had a clear sun theme and it felt to be surrounded by blood, pain or souls separated from their bodies by severe trauma. I thought about some old memories from a world where the sun became a supernova, but this explanation didn't give me the satisfaction of a solved mystery. When looking at it today I can clearly relate to the name I gave it back then because of the virus situation going on. I can also see the pain theme from the Atlantean world in scattered souls spreading by the shockwave, and we have such a shockwave here on earth right now. Not only the so called corona virus is scaring the life out of people, the isolation and separation literally forces us as a common human race to get our crap together. To choose trust or fear. There is a war going on about the control of our minds. We have to win our thoughts and opinions back from the mainstream media and the masterminds controlling int. We have to regain the power we know deep inside that we have.

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