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Tapping into the realm of the dark goddess

A dear friend of mine called me on the phone a while ago, and told me she was having repeated dreams about oil. Thick black oil, running before her in a stream, from her right side to the left. Then in a following dream, oil came floating more like a radiating puddle towards her, in the air. The dreams made my friend feel kind of uncomfortable in a way she couldn’t put her finger on, and here is the result of the interpretation work. I am very proud over being allowed to show you this kind of dream work since it touches some very important levels.

The oil was raw and black, and somehow its presence made my friend feel uneasy. And there is a very natural reason for that, but at first, let’s look at the oil itself. This kind; thick, black and raw is the purest and most valuable oil in the world – but not for given human reasons. Coming from the inside of the earth, from a process that has taken many million years. Organic material transforming inside mother earth, dead organisms – plants and animals breaking down into carbon-rich compounds. With heat and pressure between layers of sediments and rocks, the distillation results in crude oil and natural gas.

Wow.. talk about hard work..

Oil is desirable for man, and pumped up from the inside of the earth. Think about it, the deepest of sources, of fountains - inside our mother, the oil is running like blood in veins inside her. And she is milked, bled, without mercy. But.. when oil coms running like this in a dream, when the earth on the first level of dream interpretation, is the I – this pure raw material coming from the inside to the outside, from the subconscious, running from the right to the left - it symbolizes deep work been done and then coming out from the intuitive side presenting itself in its transformed new shape on the outside. This kind of deep work inside symbolized as the earth’s process of producing oil, is the kind of deep work that is taking time. Because it has to take time. It has to be processed, deeply and carefully. And not without death and loss. This means pain has been present, and pain is essential in the most important work we do in our subconscious.

So what’s been going on in my friends life? Well, let’s just say that it hasn’t been only sunshine – but since she is a wise woman and knows that there is no way to suppress inner wounds to make them go away, she has been dealing with the pain. Whatever form and shape it has been taking. Doing this, going down to the deepest layers of pain and allowing it to be expressed, taking it to its roots inch by inch, is just like breaking down the organic material from the past, into carbon-rich compounds. Stirring the wounds facing the memories, feeling it through again – doing this means re-living the heat and pressure, and going through the process of distillation. Making raw oil. This is a process of Alchemy. The oil is equal to pure gold.

Life has a way to put us in situations that trigger the old wounds with new ones, pain is there to remind of pain. If we listen we have a golden opportunity to heal, but when being in the middle of life we often think we don’t have the time for ourselves. We deny the pain and keep on doing what we are supposed to do, according to the pattern we are woven into since childhood. But then suddenly the pain is too big to ignore, and then we have to stop. This is hard since when we stop we often find ourselves in situations where we have to deal with new pain too. But there is the alchemy, the stop game. Die before you die game. It’s here the heat and pressure-distillation process takes form.

When going deep down in especially the feminine work, the being a woman - work, being a mother – work, being a daughter – work. Not being allowed to be one self – work, missing soul parts of oneself – work… one touches the core of the feminine pain. The part of the feminine that is missing in the world.

And when I was talking to my friend she suddenly said: Hey! Guess what I am looking at right now! Four swans flying over me! I could only imagine the beauty of the four white winged creatures, flying over the snow white landscape – and I asked from where are they flying and towards where? My friend answered me: From west towards east.

These four white swans are symbolizing new life – from west which is death and transformation - to east which is rebirth and new life. White as in tabula rasa, the white unwritten paper. Swans like in the transformed ugly duckling. And finally - four as in having the missing part of the feminine back. This flying foursome was the transformed result of the floating oil puddle, which in its turn symbolized the wonderful work that was going on inside my dear friend.

The reason the oil dreams made her feel uneasy, was the subconsciously known fact that the lost feminine part really dwells in the deepest layers of pain, and that the very glimpse of her appearance is really scary. NO less, she has to be found, the world needs a whole and healed feminine force. This lost feminine part is dark as the raw oil - and it’s scary, but she is good medicine – and we need her. Those of us who are called to find her must go to the deepest depths of pain, both our own and the world’s – because the existence is depending on regaining balance between masculine and feminine energy.

This kind of work draws those souls towards it who have been suffering, who have experienced pain and loss, because looking for this dark feminine part, means being able to deal with fear and pain, being able to be alone it’s a path you must walk between dimensions and worlds, and you have to be able to have one foot in the awake world and the other in the realm of dreams, it’s all about seeing in between. It’s about the fact that when facing pain, we are also accepting going down on a collective deep plane working through layers of collective feminine pain.

The oil that is pumped out from mother earths’ veins, means exploiting her, tapping her on life, using her own inner sacred work on the outside – for egoistic and stupid reasons which is hurting, and in the end killing our Mother, and also us who are living here in her wonderful world. Shame on humanity. Big shame. We can’t eat money. We can’t breathe poison. We can’t survive without water. It’s time for that big stop now. And it’s coming along with the lost feminine part. And the oil dreams along with the four white swans gave me this wonderful feeling of hope.

Everything will be alright. New energies in on its way. We just have to stop and listen to what’s really important in life. We have to listen inwards. Connect with our hearts and tune into our mother’s heartbeat. When doing this we will more and more live in truth and feel safe and happy. We will be able to make decisions out of love and not from fear.

Just a moment ago when I was taking a long walk, a beautiful plough form made of white swans flew over my head. I counted them and they were five. Five means quintessence, which means new energies, and is symbolized by the kind of oil which is extracted from olives, seeds and flowers.

I take that as a wonderful and comforting sign of the new energies coming.

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