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The active state of Sleep

The fact that we sleep is really amazing. That the body has no energy left to work and we can’t keep our eyes open, we get tired and have to shut down our conscious thinking. We don’t think much about this because it’s so natural, but what happens is that we - as in the soul - have been in the vehicle - the body - a whole day, during sometimes difficult and exhausting situations – and the batteries have to be charged. Otherwise the vehicle will break.

There’s really big work going on in the body when our awake consciousness is sleeping, which wouldn’t be possible if being awake all the time. The immune system works, the building and healing processes are active, the energy is restored. The brain cleans and reorganizes things, goes through memories, experiences, fears and joy. Sorting, discarding, saving and storing.

The sorting and reorganizing process includes dreaming about things being experienced during the day, and therefore the term “day residues” is mentioned in the dream interpreting context. That doesn’t mean the day residues are something to rationalize dream details away with. If dismissing a theme or a detail from the dream, because thinking it was only there because seeing that movie, meeting that person or visiting that town; one may miss an important clue. Instead one shall ask oneself “why just that person or detail”? How come exactly this or that was chosen by the subconscious; and what if the residue from the day included an important symbol from an earlier not remembered dream, which is there to initiate a synchronous chain of events? So, pay attention to the seemingly minor details too.

Why we need sleep for the big work to happen within us, is not really known by the science, but it's worth considering that this is the only time our intellect is not in control. Also it’s very interesting to observe that we actually claim that WE are asleep, when we for real are extremely active in terms of brain activity and inner body functions. When we enter the so-called REM sleep, the activity becomes almost febrile in parts of the brain. But the intellect is for sure inoperative, and since it gives orders only when it's awake, the things not understood by the intellect need to be taken care of when it’s not around.

The time without being supervised by the intellect is important since the intellect is limited. Like a person being only left brain hemisphere oriented, the intellect will not agree to things not being rational or able to prove scientifically. It will do everything within its power to stop, discredit and minimize the experiences taken place without its approval. The favourite comment when waking up from a very vivid dream, putting things on edge, challenging the reality; is “but it was just a dream”.

The truth is anyway that there is a far more comprehensive intelligence at work, which is not by any means limited to the physical sphere and its understanding ability. The soul is eternal and part of the Higher Self that is on the same frequency as the energy forms we call angels. The Soul is a traveller through lifetimes, watching, experiencing and collecting knowledge, and it’s collaborating with every bodily intellect it meets in every incarnation, because the soul knows that every living body has a consciousness, an intelligence that is connected to the structure of the planet it is made from. So what I’m saying here is that we shall respect the intellect, even if it sometimes behaves like a boring reactionary. Its focus is to look out for things that may harm the body.

But when the intellect is asleep the soul is free to move in other directions, and it does. Bringing back afterwards information from different dimensions to the bodily consciousness, for the intellect to assimilate through the subconscious. The goal is to plant new thoughts in the conscious body and harvest insights - as that particular person the soul is in the actual incarnation. The obtained experience and understanding, will follow the soul in to the next incarnation and with a little effort be available, to the individual the soul becomes there. So the dreams are important not only for sorting and doing inner work, they also is filled with information from the dimensions that the daily awake consciousness can’t grasp.

A lot of people experience at some point in life that they get paralyzed, either when falling asleep or when being about to wake up. Medical science calls it sleep paralysis, but as well as they can’t explain the origin of dreams and the actual function of sleep, they can’t explain why the condition occurs.

What really happens is that the intellect wakes up, and we – as in identifying with the intellect – don’t understand that we are still supposed to be asleep. The intellect wants to take control immediately, but finds it extremely difficult. The reason is that we, at the same moment of awakening, identify ourselves with our daily conscious intellect. The intellect is used to be the boss, and when it calls, the soul watcher answers and usually gives the wheel to the intellect - which in this case, discovers that it has no control at all. Everyone who experienced this knows what a horror it is to try to open the eyes without success, how to make every effort to at least lift a finger, knowing you are sucked into a black hole if you fail.

But unless the intellect wakes up then? Well, then the process goes on undisturbed and we – as in the soul and watcher, experience things in another form of consciousness, something that’s actually quite exciting. The problem is however, that it’s quite difficult to remember what happens during sleep since the intellect is not included, and because the fact that the intellect is scared of not being in control. The question is whether you can invite the intellect to the experience? Can you convince the mentally ruled part of yourself, that it has to relax and be led into something that can’t be understood by intellectual means? Is it possible to keep the intellectual will calm, not trying to regain control over what happens?

Yes, with practice, patience and a lot of persuasion, it actually is possible. Nothing is impossible in the space between the worlds, and we can learn to navigate beyond the limitations of daily consciousness.

I was a child when I experienced the phenomena of sleep paralysis for the first time, and because it occurred quite often, I tried really hard not to fall asleep. But thankfully I began to experience another condition in the space between being awake and sleeping, that was a lot more comfortable.

I started to see a strange shape kind of figure. It was white with black lines around it, had round rings as eyes and an "arm" pointing towards left, making it look like if it was heading that way. When I saw that figure I began to feel like my body expanded, like I became bigger and bigger. At the same time I felt like there was a difference between the body that became so big, and myself that was so very small - and when I discovered that, I felt that it was rather me who was big and the body that was small - and somewhere far below and behind me. What happened was that I grew out of my body.

This condition I - unlike the sleep paralysis condition – began to look forward to, and in time I noticed that I could enter the growing-out-of-body state, when only laying still on top of the bed, I did not even have to go to sleep! What happened was that I meditated, I was not aware of it at the time of course; and this spontaneous meditation lead to out of body experiences.

Of course the sleep paralysis also returned, since I had to sleep, and it gave me the same scary feeling for quite a few years. A little older I began to think about how it would be if I stopped fighting the feeling of being sucked into the black hole. I decided to give it a try, and it was really unpleasant not to fight my way back to the state of consciousness. Many times I gave up because the horror was overwhelming.

But then it happened! I let go and just floated into the black. It felt like being in a whirlwind or kind of vacuum and yes, it was scary as long as the intellect tried to understand from the daily reference frames, what was going on.. but when the intellect finally gave up, the whole thing turned out to be a totally different experience. I felt I was traveling and could consciously see the environment I was visiting. The intellect followed along and experienced, without being able to control what was happening. It just let go, finally, and that made it possible for me to remember it’s observations. experience to do.

So, how to bring the intellect into something that it’s refusing to agree with? Something that can’t be explained with intellectual terms?

The first thing is that when having a sleep paralysis, is recognizing what’s happening. You as in the intellect, become aware, and try to accept that the intellect is not in control here. Stay with the intellect and try to comfort it by saying that this is not dangerous even if it feels that way. If you are able to, try to come to an agreement with the intellectual part of you. Decide that "next time, I'll try not to fight". When the occasion comes back, the agreement will be remembered, and the intellect knows that there is a choice. Many times fear and panic will win, but suddenly it will happen, and you will let go and let yourself be taken outside of the physical limitations. Because that's what happens! You will have an out of body experience, and it will be beyond the shackles of what the intellect thinks is possible.

When you start to experience instead of fighting, you may hear strange sounds like cracking teeth, loud bangs and bells, weird noise and tones. What you hear is energies. Yes, it's true, you can hear energies, and you can feel them too, as in vibrations, heat, movements, etc. and what happens is that you experience the astral consciousness instead of the physical. The astral consciousness is also called the astral body, the double, and this part of us is liberated during sleep, from the complex entity a human consists of.

Most often, we travel to what one may call a parallel world to the physical reality, to the astral plane, where reality is formed in a less limited way than in the physical world, where we are ruled by time and gravity. Familiar places can be mirrored in this parallel world, and it has kind of a deeper depth, which would be explained by the intellect, as the fourth dimension. When being in the fourth dimension things are often almost like in the third, but twisted and changed, with less limits and sometimes even scary. The soul knows this place and easily uses it’s astral body costume here. The intellect on the other hand is afraid of the astral plane since it’s unknown, dark and impossible for it to control. But if the intellect learns to be more and more cooperative, and dare to give the control to the astral consciousness, the chances for exploring the fourth dimension in a good way grows. It’s there all the time, as are every dimension, we only have to alter our states of consciousness – and this is done automatically during sleep – when the intellect isn’t in charge. And the very best thing is actually if the intellect can be a conscious part of the event, instead of a super scared opponent, because the fourth dimension is a tricky place that consists of more than one level.

This is the place where shamans go to find out for example why a person is ill, because this is where the human common field of emotions manifest themselves, where souls get lost, and parts of souls get stuck after tremendous traumas. It’s also a place of creation, the collective subconscious, where thoughts become matter within a blink of an eye. The intention is crucial here and it’s pretty easy to get caught up in mind traps.

Some of you may ask, why we then in the first place should mind about the fourth dimension. Isn’t it better to avoid it? Well.. it’s like this.. the fourth dimension is commingle with the third here and now, more and more. This means – as I have said in one of my earlier videos – time is moving faster, and according to that cause and effect will be a manifesting fact, faster than we are used to.

If you remember what I said earlier about the dualistic reality according to the opposite pairs in the Tree of Life, and the pair (Hod and Netzach) that I called “cause and effect”, setting the rules in this world – you may easier understand why we have to pay attention to what we are creating with our thoughts. As things play out on the world arena, it sure looks like we are forever stuck in dualistic projections, especially since this reality is speeding up due to the fourth dimension intermingling with the third. Therefore we are better off in the long run, if we understand what we are dealing with. Not less since knowing the fourth dimension actually is the threshold to enter higher dimensions, containing in itself the keys to unlock doors towards higher understanding.

When looking at the fourth dimension from the dreaming perspective, it gets even more valuable to pay attention to “day rest details” since they may be handpicked by the astral consciousness, and handed over in the only form the awake consciousness is able to receive.

I will tell you about one of my out of body experiences from 2003.

I had left my body and was hovering about in my bedroom and then I noticed an object being on top of the bookshelf that wasn’t there in the third dimension. It looked a little like a tail or a tassel from a corner of a cloth or blanket. The colour was white and when I touched it with my finger it felt wet and cold. I found it kind of creepy but wanted to find out more about it, since it was placed among my personal sacred things. My will to understand was the signal my subconscious needed. The dreams for sure started to do their work.

This is a short part of the initial dream after the encounter with the white tassel, and here my dear former dream teacher participates initially, doing what he did best; giving me riddles to solve.

“The voice says that the goddess is coming back, and that she is the thrown apple. Then I hear some words sung from an Eminem song containing the word gravity, and suddenly I find myself in the bed - as if I just had woken up from a dream, but was still there – and to the left of me is the weird white tassel looking thing. I find the situation really uncomfortable and I react in affect throwing the unwelcome thing against the bookshelf, but I know that it for sure will come back, I can’t control it. This scares me and I really want to wake up but I get stuck in a dream paralysis instead and can only wait for that horrible thing to gravitate back to me. I have never been so deep down in it before.”

When the person lying next to me heard me wail and woke me up, asking what was wrong I was relieved from the paralysis, but went back dreaming immediately, since I for sure didn’t want to lose the message. The fact that I did throw the white thing away pointed out the words The Voice said about the Goddess being the thrown apple. I knew I was in the presence of something belonging to me even if it scared me.

It all turned out to be something really important. It is a long story that has to do with my personal Goddess journey, and it isn’t over yet.

And the Eminem song, which I of course checked up after the sleep paralysis dream was “Lose yourself” and the words sung in the dream was: “Snap back to reality, oh here goes gravity”. My subconscious knew this text even if I didn’t, and the words were describing – not only what was coming up, as in losing gravity and trying to snap back to reality, when having the feeling of losing myself – but also telling me about this scary detail hanging around in 4D, as something I’d lost once upon a faraway time, gravitating back to me.

So.. I will tie this all together with the beginning, saying; pay attention to the details, don’t be scared of sleep paralysis - and remember, we do have access to boundless sources of information about who we really are.

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