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Triplet Numbers

Do you pay attention to triplet numbers? I do, and a week ago when driving downtown, a car with a license plate with the number 666 passed our car, and I said to my husband “here we go again”. It wasn’t the first time these last weeks that number showed up, and every time had been followed up by obstacles and drawbacks of different kind. Our kitchen appliances and other electrical devices have broken, flying stones have damaged the front window of the car, easythings have suddenly became without hesitation impossible, unnecessary accidents have occurred, yes, moment 22 has been a cold fact.

So.. what am I talking about now? Have I become overly superstitious, or perhaps a little bit crazy? How could all this be the outcome of seeing the number of 666??

Well.. numbers are magical, this is a fact - and in repeated formations they have a synchronistic kind of power, especially since they at the same time as being numbers also are creating sounds, letters. Vowels, syllables, sounds and vibrations – taking form.

According to the Hebrew alphabet, number 6 is the letter V, sounding like Vau – and according to the great wisdom of the kabbalists it’s meaning is nail, like attaching something to something else. Securing things, making them stay together, which also means getting stuck. A nail can also be seen as something causing pain, as in nailing someone to a cross, in a distant and horrible past, nails as in a crown of thorns pressed through the skin of the head, in the same horrible era. Painful and relentless.

If taking a side step towards the more occult side of things, also as invisible nails causing bleeding wounds of stigmatizing nature. And here I want to take the phenomena of invisible nails causing bleeding wounds, to the pain of being reminded of being alive, living in a body. The soul gets alerted by pain, about the fact that it’s in the body.

So why is that needed, one may ask. Yeah, why?

The number 666 is said to be the number of the beast, an evil number, the sign of danger and demons. But what is the beast and what are demons? Enemies to God? To mankind? Entities being here to torment us to keep us from being good people? Only symbols. Well, that’s quite a big one, a vast area of interpretation and studies of old wisdom and not least deep digging into the subconscious realms of knowledge. So to start with, let’s keep it on an interpretable level and look at the symbolical values.

We live in a dualistic world where we learn by our mistakes, and put one foot before the other to move forward. Everything isn’t good, we get hurt, betrayed, abandoned and tormented – and how bad as it sounds, the bad and painful things often are what make us change. Because we are forced to take action. If we never would meet resistance we would never be forced to find another solution, and therefore never develop. If we for example hadn’t been learning the hard way, that throwing filth in the alleys in the medieval ages, caused diseases, there had been no reason to clean that act up. Likewise if we today didn’t get sick from eating greasy food stuffed with sugar and artificial flavorings, we wouldn’t change our diet to the better. More examples are to find all around us.

If we look at these painful things to learn from, from a third dimensional perspective, they are not acceptable. Suffering isn’t acceptable. We don’t want to suffer, and that’s right, we shouldn’t think that suffering is acceptable. We are supposed to strive towards success, health and happiness. But in some weird way we always end up in more bad situations. Why? Because that’s what dualism is made of. Cause and effect. We shall be humble towards pain and the reason it’s there for us, and we shall certainly not avoid pain and the chance of learning from it.

In the song “The power of goodbye” Madonna sings: “Pain is a warning that something's wrong“. Yes, pain is a wake-up call, and the more we resist the necessary change, the more the pain will increase. But even worse is the absence of pain when there’s a reason for it to be there. As if having a gastric ulcer, a kidney stone or some other disease state needing care, and not being aware of the pain – not being aware of that the body is crying for help.

So what does the number of the beast has to do with this? This is such a longshot, or is it? Look at the number again 666. The nail attaching objects to each other, the pain-bringer making us put one foot before the other, strive and thrive. The three sixes is the number of dualism in this third dimension, and the devil is symbolizing the trials and errors in the physical world.

There’s a book in the Old Testament part of the Bible; Job’s book; in which Good and Satan is betting about Job’s loyaltytowards God. Satan, who actually is a word for “prosecutor” – HaShatan, is questioning God’s faith in Job, saying that if Job lost that wealth he had, he would turn from God. Well.. God let Satan start to demolish Job’s life peace after peace.. A really ugly story actually, but it’s meant to be seen symbolically. And the most interesting are that the trials Job is exposed to, is staged by the so called evil force. The understanding is that here 666 is at work, the dualistic force, not a self-righteous God who wants to prove to his objector Satan, that Job never ever would stop worshipping him whatever was done to him. It’s not about Job being good or not, it’s about dualism and the dualistic forces.

Remember that numbers are sounds and vibrations - and every one of you who have taken part of Masaru Emoto’s wonderful work, knows that sounds effect the molecular structure of water. Even our consciousness effects it, and what are we - if not vibrations and sounds swaying on different frequencies. Vau vau vau – is this third dimension’s most common frequency. And seeing the number of six hundred and sixty six can be seen as a kind of a tuning fork, making us alert and focused. Of course one have to be logical about this too, it’s not as if having a long term car parked outside the house, or having an own car with the license number 666 – meaning risky business all the time. But as said, numbers are magical and in three formation the vibration is sounding here on the third level of being. One should of course not be afraid either, of an impact of numbers. That would be as bad as being afraid of evil forces. Because fear is a vibration too, and it is the reason we end up in more fear, making fear related situations gravitate towards us.

Now, let’s look at the rest of the triplet numbers. The sum of adding all triplet numbers, is 3, 6 or 9. Nothing else ever. Three, six and nine form the code to our existence here on earth. Brought to us by those who initiated the modern man on earth. For better and for worse. The triplet numbers are thus vibrating the opportunities of this third dimension..

111 – 1 is the numerical value of the letter A, meaning the strength, the power, and the first of everything. An ignitor giving energy to what is supposed to take form. 1 is therefore kind of the raw energy. And 1+1+1 gives the added sum of 3 - Three means according to the Hebrew system of letters: G and Camel, standing for pride, uplifting and carrying.

222 – 2 means house, Beth in Hebrew – a container and construction. That which is taking form with the energy from Aleph. 2 times 3 is 6 - which means the letter V and a nail, adding, securing - or hurting.

333 – so here is the three again, Gimel – the uplifting and carrying - the Camel who carries the water with it. Individual strength and uplifted load, means not easily getting oppressed. Three also means moving with ease in the gravity of the third dimension, because being able to use its rhythm. 3 times three becomes 9 – and here in the dualistic force bringing development again - to twist something, a serpent form. Remember – 666 seen as the number of the beast, relates to the serpent from Genesis. 6+6+6 is 18 which becomes 9. To twist something – is dualism, bringing on cause and effect – for better and for worse.

Carrying, containing twisting.

The strength and power of the unlimited is carried further.

The carried power is formed and secured.

The pride of the power is carried further - and the form is twisted.

Cause and effect…

We move on to 444 where the 4 is D - Dalet – a door, which opens to let the contained out, often in form of a lesson – and added 444 becomes 12 which added again is 3 - the carrying value. This means the twisted form containing the original power, is released out in the world.

555 - 5 E - is a window, meaning revealing, seeing through illusions – added it’s 15 and added again to 6 – the nail, adding and securing value.

It is revealed, and secured. Like in confirmed or fortified.

666 then again, the letter V, the securing – now together with the sum 18 becoming 9 – the twisting of it all. When 666 has the scene we can expect trials and tribulations in a dualistic and carbon matter way.

Twisting is added. Meaning the origin of it all is blended with impressions.

777 – 7 is the Z, a hook meaning catching nourishment, practice what you learned - summing up in 21 becoming 3 – the carrying value

The new form needs to grow, and be carried further.

888 - H a fence – separation, individuality, seeing with one own eyes – and 8 times 3 becoming 24 added further to 6 – securing and adding what has been learned, and also moving it further into the fixed form.

Without its initial purpose, the form is separated from its origin, and then it adds securing material along the way.

999 – the T – tau, a cross, the twisted form (crucified in matter) adding up in 9 again, the unbreakable number.

The twisting form keeps twisting itself. Logical in a magical way, isn’t it?

Numbers, sounds and vibrations are the building blocks of the universe, and the law it is following is synchronism. In the Egyptian story of creation it is said a voice upset the vast black waters, a voice whose strength bestow of the will to live. And the bible tells the same story using the term “word”. A voice or a word, vibrating forming a sound affecting water – creating light and life.

The fact that we are living in a fixed form that keeps twisting itself in order to evolve, may seem kind of depressing – but remember there are more possibilities than following the dualistic rules. We aren’t stuck. If moving on to that fourth dimension, which is a little block twist on our reality, since cause and effect are more and more rapidly showing up, and since our thoughts and emotions manifests themselves quite easy.. we – if continuing thinking in numbers – should look for quadruplet numbers instead.

Quite an interesting reality then shows up, when leaving the sexagesimal system, which gravity and time is built upon.

1111 - 4

2222 – 8

3333 - 12-3

4444 – 16 – 7

5555 – 20 – 2

6666 – 24 – 6

7777 – 10 – 1

8888 – 32 – 5

9999 – 36 – 9

All the singular numbers are represented in the quadruplet system. And if lined up in order of value we have:

753 186 429

Adding those numbers in three groups of three:




Funny isn’t it! This means the duality still has an impact, which is really logical since the fourth dimensional rules actually strengthens it! But the fourth dimension also offers another choice, because it offers the opportunity to create one owns destiny. So let’s begin.

If moving from the sexagesimal system we are not bound to that sequence of nine numbers at all! I would say we add another number into the system. The number 10 is Yod in the Hebrew alphabet, and it means hand, and not any hand – but the hand of the creator.

In tarot decks the number 10 belongs to the Wheel of Fortune, and since this third dimension isn’t so much about creating our own destiny as it is about having our destinies ruled by someone else. This makes it pretty clear 10 is naturally needed in the quadruple system. If not convinced look at the fact that we have 10 fingers and ten toes, not nine, and in the Kabbalistic mysticism of the Hebrews there is a saying going like this:

Ten, not nine. Ten not eleven.”Because nine means stagnation, and eleven means destruction.

So, let’s look at those numbers again:











Now you may say: hey, there’s another 4 here! But don’t worry, that final four is equal to number one, just as the tenth Sefirot is equal to the first in the Tree of Life. It all starts with four and ends with four in the fourth dimension, it’s not linear, but circular. This is actually perfection, and the way out of the linear system.

The sexagesimal system keeps repeating itself in an endless line of cause and effect, since the beginning never is tied up with the end, but the fourth dimension not only means stressing our dualistic trials, it also means a choice – because we are the creators of our own destiny – and this appears with clarity in the quadruplet system, which unlike the sexagesimal one isn’t holding us back automatically.

And this makes sense – because we ARE held back - but only until we understand we have a choice to change it all.

So let’s bring on the fourth dimension! (Well, it’s coming either way.)

When I was on my way to visit my husband to become, the first time - I met no less than seven cars having the number 555 on their license plates. It was for sure revealing and receiving time. The Universe opened a window towards a new life for me, and I was for sure gravitating towards it. Later I found out my husband’s special number was 555 and his personal numerical value is five. I had also been dreaming about him for years without knowing who he was.

In one of the first dreams he was an artist who had painted all the art in an exhibition I visited. The paintings showed our common earlier lives. Another dream gave me among other things information of his birthdate, and the sum of the birthdate was not so surprising 5. This birthdate wasn’t correct, I found out later - but the essence was the number of five when it came to this particular person – and his true birthdate numbers also sum up to – five.

I was told in the dream I had to wait for him for ten years, and that was the exact truth. We met ten years and many dreams later, and when on my way to see him for the first time my ten Swedish miles long journey was accompanied by the abundant gift of 555. He really was that artist too, having an own painting studio.

The dance of numbers is happening all the time, even if we aren’t aware of it. Information is always around us. 666 is the dualistic tune fork, and we are still learning here in this third dimension.

Forget the religious devil thing, but stay alert because this time is a special one. We are moving from one era to another, and we choose how we will react to this. Will it be a doomsday or will it be ascension? We really have that choice. Going with the old triplet numbers way of a twisting form keeps twisting itself in eternal cause and effect, will mean experiencing things as painful. But taking a sidestep into accepting having a choice about what to think and create, when it comes to the own reality – means ascension.

So, dear ones, take a look around you and pay attention to the triplet numbers, and what possible impact they have on your life. Look at your dualistic reactions and behavior, is it an eternal ping pong game with getting hurt, getting even, getting hurt, getting even.. and so on – or does it mean growing from learning and taking responsibility.

Important stuff, since it’s impact is strengthened by the fourth dimensional terms. But as said, we are held back only until we understand we have a choice to change everything we want to change.

Remember we are all made of stardust – we are molecules dancing to the sound of vibrations.

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