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Dream Interpretation


Dreams can be hard to understand. Often they are confusing and without limits, feeling like a puzzle with too many pieces. They may be recurrent as in cyclic, or repetitive as in every night. They can also be scary and induce strong and unfamiliar feelings. Having your dreams interpreted is really a good idea, since they are there for a reason. Having your dreams interpreted is really a good idea, since they are there for a reason. Dreams are the subconscious way to communicate with the awake consciousness, and interpreting them means making them understandable. This in turn means the message has been received.

Ordering a Dream Interpretation means having your dream interpreted, and a following up discussion via email, to achieve full understanding.




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Starborn Horoscope


We are all searching for a meaning with our lives, the reason why we are here, and what we are supposed to do. 

Some people feel the longing for something else - or somewhere else, stronger than others. For those the question about the true origin and meaning becomes a life quest, because living with the strongest feeling of having another origin than the earth is often synonym to the feeling of not belonging to the societal context, as in being forced to be part of norms that feel strange. 


When beginning to remember, or sense an origin from another place in the universe, or knowing deep inside one is meant to do something else than fitting into the norm, that often means one begin to respond to a different kind of signal. The planetary impact then becomes extended to include constellations beyond familiar galaxies that reach our energy bodies.

Then the soul begins growing and pushing from inside, making the heart ache for something not yet being named. The true power of what one is meant to be is burning inside, and when not being able to settle with manmade religions, and scientific explanations, one continues to search.. 


Being a Starborn means shining and radiating the true power of what one is meant to be, using that tremendous amount of energy hidden deep inside us, which have only been waiting to be discovered and ignited. One may also say that Starborns are antennas receiving cosmic messages, in order to give them further, to share them. On the other way around, they also receive messages from the surroundings, as in taking in energies, thoughts and emotions from thesurroundings. Balance is therefore very important, and balance starts with learning to understand who you are, accepting yourself as you are.

Ordering a Starborn Horoscope means having an astrological description of yourself that emphasizes your soul and your deeper potential. The horoscope is sent via email, and following up discussion for further understanding is included. 



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Starborn Horoscope including handmade Chart 


Some of you would also like to add a handmade Starborn Chart to your Starborn Horoscope. The Chart shows your personal star, your own celestial symbol, and is drawn from your most prominent clusters as in how they are presented in the Horoscope.

Ordering a Starborn Horoscope including a handmade Chart, means except having the astrological description of your self via email, having the personal designed Chart sent to you either by email, or by regular mail. 



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Tarot & Guidance

Everyone needs counselling from one time to another. Advices about specific life situations or a deeper understanding of what is really going on  her and now in life. Sometimes there is a good idea to clarify what have happened when things have moved too fast in life, and Perhaps also some there may be a good time to have some clues to how earlier lives impacts the here and now. There is a tarot spread for every situation, and tarot cards gets along as good with coaching daily life, as in higher spiritual readings. 

Ordering a Tarot and Guidance session, means getting advice by Tarot cards along with guidance from the Spirit World. The spread will be sent to you via email along with a photo of the cards. Questions about the session will be answered in a following up mail.

Any questions about my services? Please contact me here

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