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About EmmeYaSoleil 

Building bridges is important, perhaps the most important thing in the world. Bridging and uniting what is separated instead of unified. Humanity lives in a dualistic reality, perfect for learning and growing through cause and effect; but where understanding and joining is possible clearer lines for separation is drawn. Interesting opposites are seen as impossible contradictions, black and white automatically becomes evil and good. 


Mankind rather separate than unites and the gap becomes deeper, and deeper between the polarities who actually represent developing differences. In this way man comes farther and farther from oneself. 

Even the brain needs a bridge between the right and left brain hemispheres, since the cooperation between the two of them is limping. Mostly to the left hemisphere's advantage, since we tend to trust our intellect more than our intuition; which reflects in our society. To be able ot live fully, thrive and become the individual one is supposed to be, one has to dare stepping away from the habitual patterns.  

The patterns stop us from approaching our true selves since we are raised to fit in to the larger pattern of society. If we don't follow the unspoken rules we will for sure be considered as suspicious, and difficult. The result often is that we close the door to the hidden part of ourselves who tells us to look for that something we have forgotten to know about ourselves.

This is the part of us that feels forbidden since it challenges the current order, and may overthrow the safety we have because we follow the strict patterns. 

The bridge that will take us to the other side of our selves has to be solid and strong, and it is therefore important to build it with solid material and use tools that work. The bridge also has to be built with ones own hands, by ones own insights and experiences.

EmmeYa Soleil offers a guiding light for those who are ready to begin the journey home. The tools and support is here if you dare and wish. 

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EmmeYaSoleil Dreamwork offers Dream Interpretation, Tarot Spreads, Starborn Astrology, Subconscious Work & Guidance.

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