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The Healing Force

We all have access to the healing source, we just have to tune ourselves into becoming instruments that direct the flow and strength. When it comes to education, I am an Esoteric Healer, but the healing force was there before, whenever I needed it.

The first time I became aware of it was when my oldest son had fallen on his forehead on a marble edge from a height of one meter. When waiting for the doctor in the hospital, he got cramps, rolled his eyes and lost control of the bladder. Something was very wrong. The hospital was in a mess because of many serious acute injuries and conditions, doctors run in and out in the room.

I looked at my hands. All the love I had for my son made me pray and ask the highest force for help. “Please heal my child! Help me do this!” I felt a burning heat in my palms and placed them about 15 centimetres above my sons forehead. I stood there and felt how concentrated energy flow from my hands to my sons head, it was quite amazing in the middle of all worries. After a while my son said – still with his eyes closed: “Mom, stop pressing my forehead!”

After one night at the hospital with doctors checking him every hour, the conclusion was that my son – to the doctor’s surprise - didn’t even have a concussion. From such a severe condition he had shown when arriving at the emergency room, to nothing at all. I understand the doctor’s surprises, but I was convinced that the healing had created the miracle. I was SO grateful.

The situation kind of repeated itself a couple of years later, when my youngest son fell in a high stone staircase. (Everyone who are blessed with that kind of lovely extra wild ones, know the impossibility of keeping them safe all the time, even if you really do your best. In the blink of an eye they have run in another direction, often in the speed of light.) Well, of course he fell on his head and the fall was bad, from more than a meters height. He landed on the side of his head, and when having him in my arms I knew I had to do something. Quickly. The hospital was quite far away, and it would take time for the ambulance to come.

I did like the time before with his older brother; I put my hands over the wounded side of his head, and asked the highest universal force to heal my son. The healing force came and my palms felt like burning. Before help arrived he sat up again and was his usual lively self, on his way to new adventures. No injuries was found.

I want to emphasize that I would never replace a medical examination with healing. But my experience has through the following years come to be, that healing is a powerful friend in emergency situations. The reason for this is the state of mind one enters, when emptying oneself from everything else than what is going on in front of you. The inner urge to connect with a higher force, to find that something which is not limited by the bodily self, is crucial. There is no room for hesitation or fear, nothing has to do with prestige or ego. It is only the love, the will and the intention to heal and to help, and that’s the best capacity for being a tool for healing power.

We all know deep inside our hearts we can calibrate ourselves into using the high pitched energies around us, but we have a hard time remembering it is possible. When the feeling awakes we often looks for an education. There are many different kinds of techniques out there, like Reiki, Esoteric Healing, White Healing, Spiritual Healing and so on, and it is easy to misunderstand the concept of the healing power. If for example going into the Reiki side of it, the understanding often turns out to be that Reiki is the healing energy itself. That is not the case, Reiki is a way of using a universal energy.

No one can give you an energy that is universal, but you can learn from someone else to understand the universal language of energy. This has nothing to do with money or authority, it’s about wisdom - and wisdom comes through experience, humility, faith and from listening inwards. There is nothing wrong with learning about old teachings and techniques, but you are not buying the healing force with money from someone else. You are paying for learning how to use a specific technique.

So when it comes to choosing healing school, the most important thing to know is that it’s a dialect you are choosing for canalizing what you already have access to. You don’t really have to educate to be a healer, since the healing force is inside you, connected to your heart. Even if you learn with your head, it’s necessary to work with your heart, otherwise you will not have access to the healing force. The most important thing is the intention you have and the love you feel.

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