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The importance of dreams

There´s no such thing as a dream without significance. Every dream has a message of some kind even if it comes in the shape of something seemingly meaningless. It may be a fragment of a room, a colour, a taste, sound or a brief memory of a song. Those things are clues to a bigger picture so harvest them and use them in your daily dream work.

Every night is filled with dreams even if we don’t remember them - and if you are one of those who don’t remember your dreams but want to start using your subconscious as a tool, you can as well begin to interpret daily life, special events and memories. It works just as well as interpreting a dream because life is – as you probably heard before - an awake dream. The aim is any how to get an understanding of a state of being, where the intellect isn’t in charge.

We live in an interesting era with fast energies and high technology and it’s easy to get lost in all the fast messages that flow everywhere around us. Therefore it is more important than ever to not lose the connection to the inner world. That doesn’t mean we must avoid the outer world or distance ourselves from other people to be able to keep our balance. The importance lays in keeping touch with the inner world. And that’s where the dream work shows to be of such importance.

Dreams offer information about things already known on a spiritual and subconscious level, knowledge that needs to come to an understanding on a conscious plane. I have learned to take my dreams seriously and I have spent many years interpreting and working my way to understanding them from many different perspectives. First of all to understand myself and my reactions to the environment and my past, and to understand my physical body by learning its signals through subconscious symbols.

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