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The awake dream

I guess everyone had one of those days, when everything went wrong. One of those days you regret waking up and getting out of bed. Since we do create our own reality, it may be interesting trying to find out how the attraction takes form, and start taking control over it!

Let me tell you about a client’s day. (of course she approved to let you know) It began with the alarm didn’t work. Then late for work she head over heels stumbled out to her car - that didn’t start. It was a really cold morning, which probably was the reason. She ran to the bus-stop some hundred meters down the road. The bus had just left when she arrived, and she had to wait for the next one to come for about 20 minutes. When jumping up and down, trying to keep warm - she was struck by the she insight that she had forgotten to lock her car.

She ran back as fast as she could, and when standing by her car again, she realized it had been locked automatically – and that the (freaking) car key was inside it! She had a spare key to the car in her apartment, but the key to her apartment - was ALSO in the car. Darn! Her mom had a key to her apartment too, but she in her turn was on a holiday in France.

Besides that, my client had promised to take care of her mom’s aquarium, so the key to her mom’s apartment was consequently then in my client’s apartment. What the heck to do?! Well, the fish would probably manage one day more, she thought. But she didn’t want to leave her car with both the car key and her apartment key, and leave for work with the next bus, so – with a horrible feeling of guilt - she called in sick, and then she called a locksmith. He said he could be there in an hour or so, so she went inside the stairwell, standing close to the door in order to see her car all the time. She was freezing and really needed to go to the bathroom – and the locksmith took his time. Everything really sucked!

Finally he showed up and opened the door to the car. She took the bill, locked the car and went into her apartment and the toilet. Then she went down to the basement to her storage room, and got the engine pre-heater plugged in. Two hours later the car started, and she decided to go to her mom’s and feed the fish, and at the same time let the car-battery get charged. On her way she got a flat tire – with no spare in the trunk. She had no other choice than to call a salvor, and the nearest garage selling tires.

The salvor arrived after one hour, and she jumped in next to him, grateful to get in from the cold - but of course in a terrible mood. Taking the bill from him when arrived at the garage, she understood this day’s adventure would be a real setback to her economy. When a new tire was on place some hour later, she paid for that and a new car battery, and took her car to her mom’s place. When she got there she realized she didn’t bring the key to her mom’s house.

By then she was really angry, over her senses tired, and very hungry since breakfast wasn’t on the agenda when she woke up late. Driving home with a strong feeling of being cursed, she didn’t want to get out ever again, but when the evening came, she went feeding the fish. She didn’t feel lucky enough to let them wait. The taken-care-of car started, no flat tires, no keys missing and mission was completed, but hey what a day!

What really happened?

Imagine the Watcher, the soul setting the alarm – which means sealing a covenant with time before going to sleep, in order to wake up in the body in right time. A fair agreement. Time is existing due to gravity, and gravity keeps us in the third dimension - because we have physical bodies. The body is bound to the third dimension – but the soul isn’t, and every time the body is asleep, the soul moves in other dimensions.

In this awake dream soul let go of time (as in the alarm didn’t work), then hurried to the body (as in head over heels to the car) but here’s no response from the body (as in the car doesn’t start). When an alarm clock doesn’t work, that often mean the soul, the watcher is busy elsewhere. So, what was the soul doing that was worth breaking the deal with time? Is there a way to get an understanding of that, from interpreting the awake dream?

Yes, of course.

Ask your selves; what was the most important thing that needed to be done, when being awake? Being awake means being alive in the body – and to be alive the body needs to be nurtured, fed. The fish was to be fed, because otherwise they would not survive.

The key is feeding the fish then.

Think about it. The key to the car, which represents the body, is the understanding of the importance of, and being able to nurturing the soul. But the key was locked up inside the car, meaning the right nurture for the soul, is to be found on the inside , not the outside. It takes some action to get the key, and an active aspect of the watcher, as in the locksmith is summoned. Now the watcher has the key to nurturing.

Fish move under water, in deep layers, which can be seen as emotions on different levels and the unconscious realms inside. Fish in an aquarium is different, because they are unable to find nurture in a natural way. The aquarium is a limited area that reflects only what’s inside. Those areas inside the human psyche are blind spots, the places where the soul has to go, in order to feed those poor fish, swimming in circles, finding no way out.

The soul was pretty busy, finding the right kind of nurture, to be able to unlock the blind spots inside.

When talking this through with my client, she asked if all that horrible stuff happened because she had blind spots inside?! Of course not, there is always more sides to it. I asked her to take another look at what happened that morning. She was late, she couldn’t open the car, she missed the bus and she couldn’t get inside her apartment. Everything she tried to do was delayed – and things like that are signs that should be taken seriously. A clear STOP sign.

When she thought about what would have happened, if she got that flat tire in the morning traffic, instead of a calm country road, she actually was glad she had locked her keys inside the car. The flat tire was to come, no matter when she left the parking place. Forgetting the keys to her mom’s apartment was also something she had to learn from, a sign that said:

“Pay attention to your abilities to nurture your soul the right way, because you are forgetting what is important.”

The soul was busy doing nurturing work, deep down in the unconscious, finding blind spots. That was the reason she overslept, and when checking the alarm clock later that night she actually saw she had – without remembering it – turned off the alarm. She made a new deal to be able to continue her dream work.

So, what’s the conclusion of this awake dream work?

My client became acquainted with three new active aspects of herself; the locksmith, the salvor and the garage worker. Handy active aspects showing her ability to care about and take care of herself. She found out that the world didn’t fall down if she called in sick, and that she survived that month without all the money she had to lay on the car plus the day off work.

Anything more? Yes, what about gravity and attracting things, making them happen? Here is a definition of gravity:

”All things with mass gravitate toward one another, including objects ranging from atoms and photons, to planets, stars, and galaxies.”

My addition is; and not to forget - energy! Remember a thought have the power to create your reality, as your feelings, things you put your energy in, focus on. Be sure of the fact that they will attract situations, that will come gravitating towards you.

My client’s focus was on daily terms to do her job. Nothing bad at all about that, but she was afraid of oversleep, afraid of being late to work, worried over economy and so on. Afraid of! Worried about!

Also note that she didn’t take the time to even make herself a smoothie to take with her on her way to work. Not being more late was more important than having breakfast. The fish, her soul and her tummy needed nutrition – and she needed a real wake-up call, and that’s what she got.

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