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Gaga and the missing Fish

Many years ago I had the strangest dream. I saw a woman rising up from watery depths holding a fish in her arms like it was a baby. On her head she wore a too big crown, and a voice said: "Petrofi, gaga rises". For many years I had no clue about what to make out of this, but I figured that petrofi sounded like petrography, meaning the descriptions of mineral content and textures of rocks. This petrography story is a long one that will be dived into more deeply in my book about the missing part of The Feminine, I am only touching its texture here. Gaga turned out to be the old Sumerian name for a moon belonging to Saturn that came to be known as our Pluto. The poor Gaga is described in cuneiform clay tablets as having been thrown to the farthest depths of the universe. I have to tell you that I always for some reason have considered space as being the same element as water, which really figured to me when finding out that stars really have cores made of water. Thinking about water tunnels here, connecting to the blog post of the Tunnel of ReBirth, and about Messiah coming through a water tunnel according to my dream.

So is that old moon rising from the depths, and what about that fish? We are in the final countdown of the era of Pisces and my thoughts about what has been going on since Jesus was born, or at least since Christianity was invented is that one of the two pisces went missing. The feminine part of divinity was definitely cut away. Now she is coming back, no doubt about it. The crown may be too big since it has has been forged to fit an old king, but non the less it belongs just as much to a queen. The symbol to the right is a combination of The Tree of Life and an Egyptian Ankh, the Key of Life. The Sefirot on the top has the name Kether, which means Crown and it is shining with happiness since the Divine Grace his returning. As a matter of fact the Dogon people from Mali talks about something they call "The day of the Fish", also called "The Day of Atonement" and this is about returning and about the black eloptic light also talked about in the mentioned blog post. This all points at that the return of Gaga and the missing fish closes the 2160 years long cycle of Pisces, leaving the scene to the age of Aquarius. Every shift of dignity has its travails. Especially the ones who have been preceded by imbalance. Things are on their way to be put back on the right place now and we will have som turmoil going on for a while. Don't despair, everything will be okay.

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