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Ripping the Veil

Sometimes what we have considered being the very center of existence turn out to be part of something much bigger. The existence of our beautiful planet Earth, our Mother Gaia has a past described in the old clay tablets found in ancient Mesopotamia. Once upon a time there was a salt water planet named Tiamat who was encountered by a much greater and stronger one named Nibiru who was said to have the glory of ten gods. This meant its gravity was overwhelmingly strong, and Nibiru's satellites crushed Tiamat into two halves after having pulled her to him. One half was scattered into pieces that came to be what's called The Asteroid Belt ,and the other half took form to be our Earth.

To see the bigger picture we have to unveil it, and sometimes we have to tear apart the veil to get out on the other side. This painting shows there is kind of a red toned membrane that separates one side from the other. The red tone may come from the fear of the approaching planet, and it may also symbolize the pain coming with new births. While doing this painting I was in more or less a trance and it wasn't until afterwards I could see the whole picture. I came to understand that the Earth-like planet already being inside that larger one symbolizes that even if such a horrific scenario happens as a world being split into two halves it means new life! Some things are meant to be. We have to unveil the truth even if it is painful and through doing that we become ready for a new existence. There is a truth saying that only pain cracks the shell of the heart, and finding the way into the heart is crucial. Without that we will not be able to grow spiritually, so dare to rip the veil and dive into the new reality that is waiting for you.

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