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Tunnel of ReBirth

In my soul I have always known that the world closest to my heart is a watery one. That this world is where I identify my self as who I truly am. In a ten years old dream I was swimming in water under a starry sky together with my beloved mother. She was a black and white dolphin and we were together watching the souls who were flying over us to the world of the star Arcturus which was the seat of all souls that I knew there and then. This was the living reality as I knew it in the dream. Just as naturally as seeing souls flying over us was that we were living in the Sirian solar system. The suns were three and one of them was fainting, becoming a dwarf.

This sun was called The Sun of Women, or Emmeya. My reason for giving tribute to this old sun through my work is the strongest love. When I woke up from the dream I cried over missing my mother and this watery world. I still miss it. But I know that there is a tunnel leading back there, a watery tunnel. I also know that one of the three suns; Digitaria is mediating energy to earth right now through that tunnel and further through our sun. Strong energy that could be experienced as quite purging. It is called black eloptic light which is a pure and sacred energy that will reorganize our world. For those souls who recognize this energy in their hearts though this is a welcome cleansing. Do you see the white sign in the painting places five o'clock? It is the Hebrew letter Mem and has the numerical value of 40. Mem means water and it also means Mashiach, Mesiah.

Fifteen years ago I had one of my Sirius dreams, and there we were many standing on a triangular balcony greeting the sun with rippled rays, and in that dream came sa message saying that Messiah was going to come through a tunnel of water. Today I can clearly get the point of that. Not that he will come splashing through the solar tunnels, but as in the pure and sacred energy coming down on us to purge and to cleanse. To heal. This is happening right now, can you see the light in the tunnel yet?

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