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Sacrificing the imprisoning system

In February I was detoxing, fasting and it was really good for my body even if it was hard. My cholesterol changed into good numbers, I got better blood circulation and the PH value was normalized. In other words, it was worth the effort.

Fasting means cleaning and cleansing, and February itself came with the energies of purging - cleaning, washing, setting free and sacrificing. A good thing to remember. The word purging is related to purgatory, that in itself may be kind of a bit more loaded word, with all that hell fiery associations coming up. But still, sacrificing and purging IS important! What no longer serves us and makes us evolve in a good way, shall not longer be with us. Sometimes it’s about clothes, food or TV-shows – and sometimes it’s about relations and negative habits.

When looking at the big picture, this world would really need some purging. Imagine cleaning the oceans from litter and washing the cities clean. Imagine the freedom in only eating vegetables and fruit without pesticides not having to pay the double price for it – and at the same time being told by the government there’s no danger in pesticides in food, and that ecological farming is bad for the environment! Imagine a world where animals weren’t imprisoned in the meat industry, filled with antibiotics, fed with GMO-food – and finally slaughtered in anxiety.

Imagine not all the time being exposed to radiation, additives, toxic chemicals, sweeteners, trans fats, tons of sugar, idiotic media and so on. The life on this planet has become a struggle to survive, and not only for those who are starving in poverty, but also because the so called prosperous part of the population is kind of committing suicide without understanding it. To put it frankly.

We are supposed to vaccinate for all possible and impossible reasons, medicate ourselves with drugs causing more illness needing us to take even more drugs. We are okay with animal tests not only when it comes to poisonous medicals but also when it comes to cosmetics. - Products that we use on our skin and in our hair, containing so much chemicals, it would kill a small child eating one teaspoon of it. And so on..

And why do we accept this? Is it because we trust those who are telling us what’s healthy and good for us? – and that’s okay doing bad things to other living beings, and to the nature?

Is that so? Or have we just become kind of numbed? It’s time to wake up. Many have, but the main part of humanity just keep on rolling. Which means, we who have woken up. We have to take responsibility and take a stand for being willing to sacrifice what we know is bad for the planet - and all who are living here. We do that by looking at ourselves, asking if what we are eating, drinking, using, watching and so on really makes us feel good. Both in body and conscience. Deep down inside we all know what’s good and what’s bad – but somehow we tend to be too tired to do more than postponing the better-doing. But when we start walking our talk we will find ourselves more at ease than ever before.

There is a reason that most of us don’t have the energy to start over in that better more healthy way, that we rather trust greedy pharmaceutical companies. than that inner voice telling us we just have to slow down and eat better food. The same reason that we think we need more and more things, newer larger cars, brand clothing, plastics and bling rather than seeing clearly what we need to live a healthy and happy life.

And also the same reason we think we need to look in a certain way to such extremes that we inject and implant substances and materials in our bodies not belonging there. Rather that working on loving ourselves and caring for others however they look. ..and the reason we do this is that we are lead astray to feed the moneymakers in this world. We have to work most of the day to be able to pay our rent, taxes, mortgages, right clothes, cars, pleasures.. in a never ending exhausting merry go round.

Working most of the time and then being occupied by worries over surviving – economically! – leave not much energy for contemplating over the more existential important things in life. How to gain real health, help others to feel better, care for or world and change things for the better. Everything cost money, money makes the world go around, those who have money are happy and those who don’t are not only unable to choose their lives, they are also risking not having a home or food for the day.

Is this sane? No, of course it’s not!

It’s not easy to leave the circus, stop using money and say a big no to the system just like that, but I think it’s a good thing to take a step back and watch the own life. What is actually helping us and what is not. What do we really need and what is only distracting and disturbing? Do we really need all those TV channels? Is really zapping between them, that is quality time or are we only too tired to do something meaningful?

Ask yourself, what are you here in life to do? For real. Search deep in your heart. In your beautiful loving heart. And make your choices from there.

And there is good news! The system that is imprisoning us is going down. The time has come for the new era to come. Our world is in travail now, and the whole world trembles. Everything is illuminated with a very bright light, clearly showing both the beautiful and ugly details and also reinforcing feelings, emotions, reactions and happenings. Sometimes to the extreme. This is (as I have said before) because we are under the influence of the fourth dimension, where cause and effect are closing up on each other really fast.

The fourth dimension is perfect for those who run the money factory, it’s their base actually, from where they control the puppet theater through creating greed, fear and urges for things not having to do with being close to the heart. They KNOW how to play us, and do it in such a way that we really don’t seem to have a chance to get off the train. They play with our fears of not surviving, having already tricked us into an enslaving system where money rules.

A really long time ago I had a horrifying nightmare including creatures having human features but being something else with saw-teeth, invading my home, reading my mind, controlling my things, and starting to take control of me through evoking some kind of unwanted and weird lust. I was so afraid and managed to flee out, to where I saw that all of the houses being there before was gone. Left was only a frozen field over which I dragged myself with my arms, not able to use my legs because of the overwhelming fear.

In the end of the dream I was watching photos, at the same time as I was going by bus watching the houses being on the photos - to identify the place where those horrible creatures had their secret nest. And when I found it; a multi-storey brick house. I said to the one being with me that it belonged to the Freemasons and had to be burned down to the ground, to make all the evil disappear.

This really surprised me at the time, since I had never heard that there was anything wrong with the freemasons! Doing some research pointed towards some really interesting things though, and today I guess no one has NOT heard about the Illuminati (or the Cabal or shadow governments). A group of people using their huge wealth and power to control the governments and their economy. Performing secretly and awful ceremonies to be able to keep their power, according to defectors. I don’t put that much effort in finding out exactly what they do in those ceremonies, since those deeds represents the really bad side of darkness, but I am sure of one thing; that they DO have tentacles kind of everywhere, because they have been working very hard to be on top of things globally.

Looking at the dream now the symbols are really easy to interpret. CONTROLLING the environment, the people, reading their minds through artificial intelligence, evoking lust with the help of media influenced by sex and violence. All the buildings gone and just a frozen field left being such a sad picture of a barren earth with no life.

Now anyhow, they are going down, since the new era is on the threshold, and there are wise and brave people actively working behind the scenes to remove these self-appointed rulers from their self-made thrones and secure fortresses. Legally, I have to add. No risky business, but fair justice according to the law. The burning down passage in the dream is symbolical, but really the only thing to do. To the ground.

So now when this cleaning and cleansing is going on, we all have to contribute. We all make a difference regardless of if we are aware of it or not. That’s why we really have to make our choices from our hearts. Taking natural steps towards a more healthy living and a more loving world.

That’s good medicine.

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