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The New Era of Love - Learning to master relations and situations

The latest weeks I have been given a lot of wonderful confirmation, about what I am SO confident in my heart about:

The new era is really coming!

The feminine era is moving forward. It’s like we all have been through a shower of purging water for a while - and now we start seeing the light in the tunnel, and even though we are tired – we feel strengthened!

Can you feel it too?

It’s like when you have that happy feeling inside, even though you have troubles and obstacles in your way. You feel that inner knowing about that everything will be alright! Even though you are in pain you know this too will pass, because you really KNOW that things will be as they supposed to be.

I really want to show you a dream of mine from 2005, being one of those kind of prophetic ones. A level three dream.

“The word Mastering comes to me and I understand that it’s a keyword. To master every situation is necessary. When I get this insight, a bright turquoise wall emerges, which belongs to a really old palace. An enormous white pigeon is also emerging, and I am hugging its legs which is the only thing I reach, and I am very happy about the reunion.

I am going eastward in a car towards a mountain scenery with clear blue sky as background. My brother is with me in the car, and he says happily that the pigeon is a proof of God's existence. I think about how to tell him that it’s rather the Goddess who has returned.”

The word master suggests hard situations, trials and tribulations – initiations on the way towards the new era. The new era coming with the feminine return. Those hard situations are everywhere in our world now – not only in those countries where poverty is widely-spread - and has been escalating for some while now - people are really suffering for a lot of causes. Fear is present. Violence is an everyday occurrence. We have learned to look the other way but there’s really no way to escape the pain, because it’s a common pain of all humanity – and mother earth. It’s her birth travail.

The turquoise comes from an even older dream where a strange woman gave me healing so strong I fainted in the dream, and she told me to bring out turquoise. After that dream I was handed a book (one of those synchronisms in life) where a man traveled through chakra colors, and when he came to a turquoise field, his spiritual guide told him that that this color humanity wasn’t yet ready for, because it was a new kind of love – evolving in the heart chakra. But not yet. (this was in the middle of the nineties) When reading that I understood what the woman in the dream meant by bringing out turquoise. It meant evolving a new kind of love in my heart. And when the wall came up in the Mastering dream it was obvious to me that mastering the situations, would lead to the return of the feminine – which in energetically terms meant bringing out turquoise – giving birth to that new kind of love.

The throat chakra has a blue color and the heart chakra green, so together they become turquoise – and when thinking about this in the middle of the nineties, I wanted logically thinking - to place the new chakra in between the heart and throat chakras. This was actually explained to me when reading one of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s books later on, when he explains the chakra system and certain inter-stages – one being between the throat- and heart chakras. A couple of years ago (now-time) a friend and colleague of mine - and I - was working with these new incoming feminine energies, planning a course - and we discovered that new chakras really are developing in the human body – and this is due to the new incoming era. (this is also confirmed by the wise Drunvalo Melchizedek.)

Things are really changing, and this means we are getting upgraded as cosmical human beings. Or one may also say – our dormant potential is activated - because this is all inside us– waiting.

But let’s go back to the dream again. There was this enormous pigeon, a symbol for the holy spirit – since the feminine mother in the trinity isn’t present. My brother in my dream was so certain and happy over this proof of God’s existence, and I sat there pondering over how to put the words, how to break it to him that this was the GODDESS. The pigeon has always been a symbol for the goddess in my dreams, always. And now I know how I would put my words telling him that. Because the goddess IS the proof of GOD’s existence. Her absence isn’t – but her presence is.

The goddess coming back doesn’t mean the god is disappearing, just as the feminine power doesn’t mean the male side of existence will be subdued or oppressed. It means BALANCE! This is what’s coming, balance. And this is what we shall strive for. And Balance comes through inner work, shadow work, from not hiding from the pain inside, but instead ask it what it needs and heal it. It comes from earnestly loving yourself, and then radiating your love further out to your surroundings and the people living there.

In the three of life there’s those opposite pairs I have been talking about. The first pair is on one side the go-ahead spirit, the fast reaction and fulmination; way of being. The other side is the reaction upon that, the effect of the cause. The reason to feel offended and wronged. The picture of this opposite pair is painted all over the world, where great powers act and condemn, act and condemn, show their muscles and condemns the same actions from the opposite. Endlessly.

Also in relations this is seen all the time. We are SO stuck in doing this on a global plane! But there is another way. Press the stop-button in the middle of an argument, and instead try to see it all from a higher perspective. Try to see it from at first the other person’s point of view, and then through seeing it as a third person watching the scene from above. This is the soul’s perspective. The watcher. (Yes the soul is the one having the experience too, but the soul has the ability to also see things from a higher perspective.)

What you have to do is to detach yourself from your mental and emotional perspectives where thoughts and emotions run amok, and align yourself with the soul instead. Because it’s the mental- and emotional perspectives that are running the show, and that’s not solving things.

Once upon a time when my youngest son was small, I was in an argument with his father. We were SO angry with each other and no one of us were going to give up their point of view. Then I came to wonder how the situation would look from outside, and I changed position in the room. Standing in another place imagining myself still standing at the same spot as before, saying the same things and having the same arguments. Of course the significant male wondered what the heck I was doing, and when I explained the argue ebbed out. But I kept standing there until I saw the whole picture – not only from MY perspective. I could see the two of us and the energy transaction going on. It was really funny! Especially seeing myself being SO certain of being right and he being wrong.

In arguments it’s about having different perspectives. One standing in front of the elephant saying there is a snable – and the other standing behind it saying oh NO it’s a tail. We need to both change position to be able to see the opponent’s side of it, and try to see it from above. From there comes the understanding, and you are able to move ahead from that kind of tribulations. Because you MASTER it. Not because you never ever will get into an argument again or get hurt – but because you will be able to see it from more than one opinion, and therefore will understand why the argument was there from the beginning, and finally you will be able to change direction from needing to be right because the other is wrong - to wanting to understand the whole situation.

Then there’s the other opposite pair. One being about severity and judging, sitting on high horses, tending towards being oppressive. Like the medieval church, or old times school teachers. The other side is the merciful side, the indulgent and mild, who cannot say no, but let themselves be run over time after time, and forgives every time. The two of them makes up a horrible couple of the offender and the victim. Or the tyrannical man and his submissive wife. And so on. What is needed here is that the merciful side learns to say no – and the severe uses love as a weapon, because with love as a ground for severity, mercy will come naturally, when the time is right.

When those two opposite pairs are united, one are able to reach the heart. For real. Then the turquoise color comes. Then we are ready for the goddess to arrive into our lives and beings - for real. She comes with a brand new attitude. And this attitude is strong balanced love, not giving in to any resistance, not to fear or egoism, not to gain or illusions. Because she has had time doing her shadow work during the patriarchal overtime era.

We are in the final stage now, and when you feel things are really too much, overwhelming and scary; remember this is how it’s supposed to be now, hold on. Try to see the light in the tunnel. Work with yourself, bring forth your shadow, heal your wounds - and learn to love yourself.

Everything will be alright. Stay in that feeling.

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